Shivan Bonanno

Currently a postdoc fellow in the lab of David Krantz at UCLA

Dillon Chen MD, PhD

Currently a Resident Physician in Pediatrics and Child Neurology, UCSD

Patrick Chen

Patrick is currently working in Weizhe Hong's lab at UCLA

Toh Hean Ch’ng, PhD

Currently Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Martina DeSalvo, PhD

Martina is currently working at Amgen 

Mariana Fontes

GABAA program
Undergraduate: University of Lisbon, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Masters: University of Lisbon/Harvard, Human Biology and Environment


Carrie Heusner, PhD

Currently Senior Research Scientist at Astellas

Victoria Ho, PhD

Currently 4th year medical student in UCLA MSTP.

Hongik Hwang

Currently Graduate Student at MIT

Rachel Jeffrey, PhD

Currently Assistant Professor at Southern Connecticut State University

Estreya Kapuya, PhD

Currently law student at Southwestern Law School

Sangmok Kim, PhD

Sangmok is currently working in Ben Novitch's lab at UCLA

Kwok-On Lai, PhD

Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong in the Department of Physiology

Ji-Ann Lee, PhD

Ji-Ann is currently working in the lab of Dr. Bowers at UCLA

Vlasta Lyles, PhD

Currently a full-time lecturer at CSU Fullerton

Elliott Meer, PhD

Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Abbot Labs

Robert Moccia MD, PhD

Currently Research Fellow in Neurology, Harvard Departments of Neurology and Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology

Klara Olofsdotter Otis, PhD

Michael Poon, PhD

Currently Senior Scientist at Inception Sciences, San Diego

Kimberly Thompson, PhD

Currently Director of Drug Discovery, Circuit Therapeutics, Menlo Park,

Besim Uzgil, M.D., Ph.D.

Currently a Resident Physician in Pediatrics and Child Neurology

Sarah Van Driesche, PhD

Currently working at Amgen 

Dan Ohtan Wang, PhD

Currently an Assistant Professor at Kyoto University

Christopher Yi

Chris is currently a masters student at the University of Pennsylvania

Yali Zhao, MD

Currently Assistant Research Physiologist, Dept of Physiology, UCLA